Ohio State 42, Oregon 20

The standings are updated. The link to the tie-breaker standings is at the top of the standings page. The official winners are listed below.

CT Rep & Suprano tied for 1st, but CT Rep had the best TB score. TiGolBitTies2 & 1 took 9th & 10th. #1 was tied with Go Deep for 10th & their TB scores were tied, but the winner was closest to the total points scored by both teams (10 vs 16). Bumblewaspz & thegreatsnatch were tied for 3rd last @ 14 & their TB scores were tied, but the winner was "worst" (last) on total poiints (13 vs 7). No TB pick hit the exact final score, but Duck Soup & Midlo Tide were tied with Dawns & Tammy E @ 8, but the first two were closest to total points (6 vs 8) & split 1st & 2nd, while the latter two split 3rd. By the way, the latter two hit the exact "winning" score (42).

Thanks to everyone for playing. Let's get the numbers up next year, so we can increase the prizes. If you still haven't paid, please do it now. If you change your email address this year, don't forget to notify us.

Best Score:

  1. CT Rep (300)
  2. Suprano (150)
  3. Little Lion (100)
  4. @Robinskt (50)
  5. Gators4 (50)
  6. EthanCollin (25)
  7. Redskins Woody (25)
  8. We Are ... (25)
  9. TiGolBitTies2 (25)
  10. TiGolBitTies1 (25)


  1. The Green Hornet (50)
  2. Bearhug (25)
  3. Bumblewaspz (25)

Best TB Score:

  1. Duck Soup & Midlo Tide (tie - 50/each)
  2. Dawns & Tammy E (tie - 12.50/each)

Tie-Breaker: The playoff format this year creates a special situation with our tie-breaker process. This will clarify how the process will work, not only to break ties in the standings, but also to determine the prize winners for picking the closest score. You DO NOT have to have the correct teams in the final to compete for the tie-breaker. Your first TB score (left) is for Oregon (even if you picked Fla St in the Rose Bowl) & your second TB score (right) is for Ohio State (even if you picked Alabama in the Sugar Bowl). So everyone has a score for each team playing & our normal priorities will apply as usual (see below for TB priorities & prizes). Note: the final game counts as 1 win (same as every other game).

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Important things:

  1. If you're reading this & still owe me money, get your checkbook out now.
  2. Check your picks on the sheet & for accuracy. Call me immediately if there's a mistake. Also, follow your score & report any errors immediately, so we can correct any mistakes.

The prize breakdown and tie breaker priorties are listed below:


Winner (1st) 300 (6th) 25   Last: (1st) 50   TB: (1st) 75
  (2nd) 150 (7th) 25     (2nd) 25     (2nd) 25
  (3rd) 100 (8th) 25     (3rd) 25     (3rd) 25
  (4th) 50 (9th) 25                
  (5th) 50 (10th) 25                


Here are the tie-breaker priorities:

  1. Difference from both teams scores (over or under) - miss one by 5 & the other by 8, you're off a total of 13.
  2. Difference from total combined points
  3. Closest to the winning team's score.
  4. Split prize if still tied.

Good Luck!


Top Ten


  Score  TB
1)CT REP 28 21
2)Suprano 28 26
3)Little Lion 26 18
4)@robinskt 26 25
5)Gators4 26 28
6)EthanCollin 26 30
7)RedskinsWoody 26 39
8)We Are ... 25 15
9)TiGolBitTies2 25 19
10)TiGolBitTies1 25 26
Complete Standings

Bottom Five

  Score  TB
193)  thegr8snatch14 29
194)  Bumblewaspz14 29
195)  bearhug13 14
196)  The Green Hornet12 12
197)  Mike Sweeney0 99
Complete Standings